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Kountry Lite 5th Wheels Are Back

The Kountry Lite 5th Wheel, aka Allen Camper, is now a part of the proud EuroCruiser family.

kountrylite allen camper eurocruiser 5th wheel kountrylite allen camper eurocruiser 5th wheel

You will soon find the Kountry Lite 5th Wheels back in the UK dealership network and can now take your Kountry Lite to any of our appointed dealers and approved garages for service and/or warranty work.

We have been in lengthy discussions with the manufacturer and the trailers will be built to comply with the most current UK stock. This will allow us to, like any other EuroCruiser product, deliver your new trailer with full IVA certification at no extra cost, as always!

Feel free to contact us, should you have any questions, wish to enquire about the new range or book a service for your Kountry Lite 5th wheel caravan.

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