What size fifthwheel can I tow?

Firstly make sure it complies with all road regulations, any dealer should be able to show you all the relevant approvals and government website links to prove their knowledge and compliance with these regulations. Fifthwheels should be fitted with an approved breaking system (NOT the American Electric Brakes with a controller mounted in the cab of the tow vehicle.) It should also have a mechanical hand brake with brake-away. All gas and electrical systems should be certified for your safety as a lot of importers just use USA brakes with no handbrake and fit a transformer and sockets on 110V USA cabling or use 110V cabling for 220V! All Eurocruiser products carry a Cris registration and are seeking NCC (National Caravan Council) product approval.

Is there a particular vehicle best for towing a fifthwheel?

It all comes down to personal preference when choosing a towing vehicle. The most important aspect of doing so is making sure the vehicle has the correct towing capacity. For more information on this, safe bet is to contact one of our dealers who will coach you through the process.

Do you fit fifthwheel hitches?

Yes we fit the new CE Approved Eurohitch Fifthwheel hitch NOT the USA hitches that are not approved for use in the UK Europe.

Do I need a special license to tow a fifthwheel?

If you are driving a UK tow vehicle (Nissan Navara, Ford Ranger or similar) with a GVWR under 3500kg you will only need a BE Category which was issued as standard before January 1st 1997. If anyone paid for a driving test after that date they will have had to have taken an extra test to tow legally. If you are driving a larger tow vehicle i.e. with a GVWR over 3500kg you will need a CIE these again were a standard issue before 1997 but you may have a 107 restriction which limits your gross train weight to 8250kgs. This restriction is not applied to a BE Category.

What is your warrantee for purchases?

Teamed with our fully functional and experienced workshop, we offer customers a 2 year return to site repairs warranty on all purchases, along with a 10 year roof warranty.

Is it advisable to tow above 70s, age wise?

When you reach 70 you will have to take a medical every year to keep your CE category on your driving license. This means that you may not be able to drive a larger UK/European or American motorhome but you can tow a caravan or fifthwheel as long as your tow vehicle does not exceed 3500kg GVWR as this requires the BE category on your licence, which you keep.

Do you take part exchange?

Yes we will happily part exchange all UK, European and American Caravans, Fifthwheels, Motorhomes, Cars and Trucks. We have even been known to take boats.

Can I buy a tow vehicle from you?

Yes we also supply New and Used pickups both UK and American imports. We also have an exclusive arrangement with UK manufacturers for new vehicles.

Do you uprate vehicles?

Yes we do. We exclusively have arrangements with DVLA to uprate the gross train weight of UK trucks to 8250kg. Much more than the competition who can only offer 5250kg.